Miami Wynwood Art District
Spring Exhibition of 2014   
"Essence of Triumph & Color" 
Artist Statement
In my first childhood memories I always found the light. I remembered the light pointing out to me that I was in a material world suffused with spirit; the spiritual shaping itself through light.
The light is the real character in my paintings. I attempt to capture her in expressive strokes. I strive to create a studio illumination which accents some regions of the painting, while others remain in the shadows. I enjoy creating almost theatrical spaces inhabited by enigmatic characters adding spatial poetic relationships between them; the irony in the tension that exists between the illusion and the beauty in the physical world.
To express this illusion, I push for representation, traditional realism moving toward abstraction without crossing this limit. I wish to see how far I can take the tension between the historical chiaroscuro and the contemporary abstraction, between the live colors and the atmospheric ones. The work begins to move toward a sort of contemporary baroque. Lastly, I put all these elements in play in order to create a universe evoking magic realism which is permanently present in the part of the world in which I live.
Gonzalo Flores
Title: Caregivers from last hours of the day
Dimensions: 19.5" x 28"
Media: Mixed Media on Canvas
Title: Construction of The First Memories
Dimensions: 28" x 19.5"
Media: Mixed Media on Canvas
Title: Herd Looking for Reflections
Dimensions: 28" x 19.5"
Media: Mixed Media on Canvas
Title: Ensuring the latest water
Dimensions: 15.5" x 23"
Media: Mixed Media on Canvas
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